Consultative And Action Oriented

Our world of data monetization, data augmentation, and strategic data sourcing.

As the universe of Big Data continues to expand at an almost inconceivable rate, there are significant challenges presented in the collection, structuring, storage, use, privacy, and security management of this data.  VDC brings order to the chaos.

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How We Help

VDC assists its clients in identifying, defining, and implementing breakthrough uses of Big Data in the areas of data monetization for data owners and data sourcing for major brands.

Data Monetization: We evaluate your data assets to conceptualize monetization efforts. We then take your asset into our Marketplace to create revenue events.
Data Augmentation / Strategic Data Sourcing: We evaluate your data assets to determine areas for enhancement or to point out data gaps. We then use our Marketplace to source unique and compelling solutions that can be transformational.
Data360: We evaluate your assets for areas of enhancement and also conceptualize use cases for monetization efforts. We use our Marketplace to execute on both areas of your data strategy.

Data Monetization

We develop applications and use cases that create new or expanded revenue streams for our data owners.  We create use cases that consider privacy laws, contractual limitations, business model restrictions, and best information industry practices.

Data Sourcing / Augmentation

We evaluate an organization’s existing data asset(s) and methodologies. We then identify data driven use cases that transform decisioning systems or provide true insights as opposed to modeled information. We then source this new data from our big data marketplace, assist in the evaluation of these data sources and help integrate them with client systems once proven.

Data 360

Provides data monetization and data sourcing efforts under a single contractual arrangement with a single team and single point of contact.