Patrick Corry

Senior Account Executive

Patrick Corry brings to VDC five years of experience in direct sales and marketing, as well as employee and sales team development with a strong entrepreneurial focus. He founded Pinnacle Consulting Partners – a B2B and B2C marketing campaign firm.

In his capacity as President and CEO, Patrick cultivated new accounts and developed a sales team to meet the growing needs of his business. His emphasis on short-term benchmarks to achieve long-term goals by implementing structure and trackable sales metrics helped achieve the visions of his clients. By focusing on his client’s desires, Patrick consistently created unique ways to bring in new revenue streams to any project set before him.

Patrick places an emphasis on the combination of image, sales and fiscal intelligence’s impact on companies and consumers alike when working through any engagement. This deep understanding sets up high performance and results for Patrick’s clients and their interests in an organized and transparent manner. Patrick graduated from Suffolk University, Sawyer Business School with a BS in Marketing.