Venture Development Center

Transforming business with innovative Big Data strategies.

We talked about, worked with and conceptualized transformative ideas with big data long before it was cool or it was called Big Data. We understand the landscape – we helped create it. We understand the use cases. – we’re still defining them. Most important, we understand the value of data exhaust and how it can be used in strategic sourcing. If you are looking to explore the potential of your data – you have come to the right place.

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Venture Development Center (VDC) is an advisory services firm focused in the areas of data monetization and creative data sourcing.  With over 160 unique data assets under contract, VDC assists its clients by defining, identifying, and implementing breakthrough uses of Big Data that drive solid revenue results and transform existing business practices. The VDC success story is based on the unique ability of the organization to continually identify new and powerful data assets from the Big Data ecosystem and then using this expanding base of information to develop applications, information use cases and sourcing strategies.  Companies considering data monetization or seeking support for the development of sound sourcing strategies can depend on VDC to assist in navigating the rapidly changing world of Big Data.

VDC has successfully worked with hundreds of firms both within and outside the information services industry to identify, define and implement innovative breakthrough strategies and compelling monetization efforts.  We have created many new product, distribution and market development ideas yielding exceptional returns for our clients.  Collaboration typically involves an in-depth information asset and needs analysis followed by strategy formulation, product ideation, unique data sourcing, marketplace distribution, early-stage investment support and business development.

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Areas of Expertise

Advisory Services

  • Big Data consultation and strategy creation
  • Strategic review and evaluation of information assets
  • Design and execution of custom data sourcing initiatives
  • Creation of innovative and transformational Big Data monetization concepts
  • Development and deployment of data implementation plans
  • Identify and secure first customers
  • Evaluate initial and ongoing deployment success

Investment Services

  •  Identify sources of funding
  •  Assist management in evaluating sources of funding
  •  Advise management regarding acquisition and divestiture plans
VDC provides transformative ideas that support all types of data sources, channel partners, information service providers, and global brands.
We source data from search, social media, transactional resources, web mining, and mobile.
Unique and compelling data from crowd sourcing.

Board Of Directors

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John Adams

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Our Team

Patrick Corry

Senior Account Executive

James Coyle

Senior Vice President, Sales

Barry Gold

Vice President

Beth Jacaruso

Vice President, Strategy & Client Engagement

Nicole Lamendola

Contract Administrator

Margaret Lapkin

Director, Client Management & Delivery

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Director, Client Management & Delivery

Steven Rand

Vice President

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Coordinator, Client Management, & Delivery

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Director, Client Management & Delivery

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Senior Accountant

Michael A. Valant

Vice President

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Director, Client Management & Delivery, Executive Assistant to Matthew W. Staudt