Marketing EDGE’s Financial Innovator Award

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Marketing EDGE’s Financial Innovator Award was posthumously given to Charlie Stryker, June 5, 2017

The Financial Innovator Award honors and recognizes an individual who brings a combination of capital markets expertise and strategic vision and oversight to significantly expand and impact businesses in the marketing industry.  Matt Staudt, President of Venture Development Center accepted the award on behalf of Charlie.

About Marketing EDGE

Marketing EDGE is shaping the future of marketing leadership by connecting students, academics and professionals to the resources and relationships they need to see, move and stay ahead. For more than 50 years, Marketing EDGE has been forging deep personal connections, expanding access to premier events and publications and fostering the next generation of diverse, responsive and responsible marketing leaders.

About EDGE Awards

Celebrating Excellence in Marketing Leadership
Central to the EDGE Awards is our incredible line up of honorees. Becoming known as the “Academy Awards” of marketing, over 500 marketing leaders and students will join us to pay tribute to the best-of-the-best in our field. Each honoree exemplifies outstanding leadership, innovation, creativity and a commitment to giving back through supporting marketing education.

In addition The Charles Stryker Scholarship Fund was created.

The world of data/driven marketing has lost a true icon, and the impact of that loss continues to be felt daily. Throughout his lifetime, Dr. Stryker garnered admiration and respect for the profound difference he made among countless individuals, organizations, and the industry as a whole. To honor and celebrate a life that touched so many, Marketing EDGE is announcing the establishment of the Charles Stryker Scholarship Fund, established in collaboration with Venture Development Center to honor his lifelong achievements and dedication to education in the dynamic field of data and marketing. The Charles Stryker Scholarship Fund is designed to support talented students from diverse backgrounds, with broad skill sets, who have a common desire to pursue careers in data-driven marketing. The fund will help to allay the escalating costs of college so that talented, ambitious students are able to focus their efforts to prepare for a successful career in marketing. As a leader, a visionary, a mentor and a friend, Charlie Stryker stood at the forefront of envisioning the power of data in marketing. So many who knew Charlie would agree that he encouraged and inspired them to drive and build their careers and businesses beyond their beliefs. The Charles Stryker Scholarship Fund ensures that his legacy will continue for generations to come and will set the stage for ambitious and industrious students aspiring to follow in his footsteps to build rewarding careers.