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Charles Stryker Moderates Panel at 2nd CCE Worldwide Symposium 2015

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Charles Stryker Moderates panel at 2nd CCE Worldwide Symposium 2015

May 8, 2015: Charles Stryker, a leading innovator in the data business and advisor to dozens of the most prominent corporations who capitalize on data resources for business intelligence and marketing, moderated a panel at the 2nd CCE (Conseillers du Commerce Exterieur de la France ) Worldwide Symposium organized by the National Committee of Foreign Trade Advisors of France, a non-profit organization which coordinates a network of 4,000 French foreign trade advisors in more than 150 countries. Notable participant included Mr. Matthias Fekl, Minister of State for Foreign Trade, the Promotion of Tourism and French Nationals Abroad.

The symposium (held in Miami, Florida) was the largest gathering of French executives in the world, outside of France. Nearly 3,000 participants from 50 countries attended the symposium, including personalities from political and economic spheres and 600 business leaders, including French business leaders established abroad, heads of French companies with international operations, small and medium-sized enterprises and intermediate size companies seeking to expand internationally. The overall theme of the event was “VISION 2025: Implications for our global community, the stakes and challenges of international business.”

The topic of the panel discussion regarded Global Trade and Big Data. Panelists included Neil Isford; Vice President, Smarter Solutions of IBM; Roy Kauffman, Managing Director New Ventures at Copyright Clearance Center; and Jennifer Barrett-Glasgow, Chief Privacy Officer, Acxiom. The panel covered the topics of defining and using “Big Data” both now and in the future. Additionally, the panelists discussed the important topics of privacy and copyright.

Jennifer Barrett Glasgow has lead Acxiom’s information use policies, legal compliance, consumer affairs, government affairs and related public relations for all of Acxiom’s global operations since 1991. She has also spoken before Congress numerous times, and is active on a number of industry boards and committees. Neil Isford leads a team of industry solution subject matter experts who are tasked with providing IBM clients with integrated solutions that address business outcomes. Mr. Isford also leads IBM’s Big Data & Analytics growth initiative for North America across all IBM Brands and Industries. Roy Kaufman is responsible for expanding service capabilities as CCC moves into new markets and services. Prior to CCC, Roy served as Legal Director, John Wiley and Sons, Inc., and is a member of, among other things; the Bar of the State of New York, the Copyright and Legal Affairs Committee of the International Association of Scientific Technical and Medical Publishers and the UK’s Gold Open Access Infrastructure Program.

About Charles Stryker & Venture Development Center LLC
Dr. Stryker is the Founder and CEO of Venture Development Center, LLC. VDC is the leading provider data strategy and data sourcing to many of the major information services providers. His clients include Acxiom, LexisNexis, TransUnion, and many other global information firms. In addition, many of the world’s largest brands look to his firm to insure they are familiar with and effectively using “Big Data” techniques. These clients include, IBM, Cisco, Disney, Time Inc. and many others. His firm is retained by more than 50 of the leading new “Big Data” companies including Bluekai, Exelate, and Adgooroo. Previously, Dr Stryker was a President of InfoGroup, a member on the faculty of the Wharton School, and has served on many boards of information companies of both public and private firms. Dr. Stryker received the BS and MS in Electrical Engineering and the PhD in Computer Science from New York University.