Your company continually develops and executes customer acquisition programs to identify prospects that are in your “sweet spot.”  You have your regular lists that you employ to get a lift in your campaigns, but they seem to yield fewer leads as time goes on.  What would happen if you tapped the power of consumers’ voices?  What if you could identify and reach that “sweet spot?”  You can, and the information you need is waiting for you in the social web.

The Dynamic Power of Consumer Voices

Millions of conversations are constantly taking place in the social media sphere, many of which are referencing your products.  These conversations are an ever-changing dataset that point directly to your new prospects.  Imagine the possibilities of gaining up-to-the-minute prospects, real consumers eager to know more about your products.  Instead of using the same old go-to lists, find new prospects by listening to what they’re saying online.

Tapping into the Potential of Actionable Data

The information you’ll find in the social media sphere encompasses the “3 V’s of Big Data,” important characteristics that enable digital data to better inform your marketing and lead generation efforts:

  • Volume – Big Data boasts a depth of data beyond what traditional data sources can offer, offering companies significantly more valuable insights.
  • Velocity – The rate of change in Big Data is greater, given the dynamic nature of the Web, thus offering companies a look at consumer interests in real-time.
  • Variety – Big Data comes in many different formats, including video, web logs, geo-location information, all of which bring a depth unknown to traditional sources.

Harnessing consumers’ voices heard within the realm of Big Data will transform your customer acquisition programs.  By leveraging those Big Data sources that are most likely to have insights on the customers who are, or might be, interested in your products and services, enables you to better identify new prospects and understand their needs.  Analyzing the real-time consumer intent expressed online about your products and services will then allow you to convert more of those identified prospects to customers.  In addition to enhancing your ability to better identify and attract prospects within segments you’ve already identified, Big Data allows you to realize the potential of customers in previously unexplored segments.  In order to compete in the modern business world, companies need to retrofit their traditional customer acquisition programs with the enhanced analytic capabilities Big Data offers.