You’ve worked to ensure that your company is actively involved in online marketing and search engine optimization practices. You’ve made sure your keyword activity is engaging and effectively driving opportunities and interest to your retail channels (whether distribution partners or your own company website).  You’ve seemingly exhausted the benefits your search activity can yield – but have you really?

What other insights can your general search activity offer?  Can those insights be extracted and married to public-record data for use in off-line marketing activities?  The short answer is:  yes.

The New Taxonomy for the Off-Line Marketer

With billions of records created weekly as a result of routine search activity being conducted online, the resulting data elements have immeasurable value if extracted and parsed into a meaningful taxonomy that can be leveraged for online insights and off-line targeting.

Consider having the ability to define markets that should have increased spending (or, convrsely,  reduced spending) based on an ongoing feed of digital data that provides specifics about search activity.

Now, factor in the ability to take that detail and make it actionable for off-line marketing activities.  Recalibrating your marketing processes to take in new attributes, considerations, or market comparisons is not only fundamental but necessary, and you now have a strategic digital data platform to add to your existing marketing mix.

No Longer a Concept

This is a capability in place and ready for your company to use now.  The availability of a taxonomy of segmented search information offers unique and insightful detail for trending analysis, by market and by search criteria.  It is ready to assist you with real-time decision making.

The compilation of this information will let the power of online search detail provide you with an enhanced method of target marketing by:

  • defining specific criteria for accurate and meaningful analysis
  • defining particular markets for comparison, evaluation and funding plans
  • Go off-line with this targeted digital data by matching at the ZIP-4™ level