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Numbers are only part of our story.
The VDC Marketplace of unique data assets is vast and always expanding.

Regardless of how you look at the VDC Marketplace, it is compelling.  The source companies, the data assets, the unique data points of value, the sheer volume of the information – is enormous and continues to grow. 

At the center of everything however is the unique ability of VDC to bring order. To create sound solutions and offerings.  To monetize the assets of our client companies in a way that is unique and transformative.

Looking to monetize your data assets or seeking a custom data sourcing solution?

You have arrived – because VDC is the Marketplace for Big Data.

If you have data – we know what to do with it. With over 160 unique assets under engagement the VDC Marketplace is a central resource for new and enhanced solutions and data offerings. We evaluate data assets for what they are and what they can be. We conceptualize new uses and establish methods of deployment that are logical and realistic. We generate new revenue streams.

If you are seeking data solutions, just define a problem or bring us a use case. We will bring forward assets and offerings that are compelling, factual and empowering. We then take the approach and help you execute for optimum results.

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The power of the VDC Marketplace…harnessed by way of our Visual Data Composites and Visual Data Characterizations.

With an ever-expanding set of data assets flowing into our marketplace we had to develop methods to properly categorize those assets and then to define the data points within each one. Once that was complete we needed a process to present a myriad of ideas, sources and data points in a single deliverable

Our Visual Data Composites TM and Visual Data Characterizations TM are our primary tools. They help to define the objective, the offerings and then are used as a blueprint for ongoing work.

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VDC Is A Vital Partner

Strategic, adaptive, and, most important, realistic

Regardless of the situation – whether the objective is monetizing data exhaust or determining the value of disparate assets and how they can impact a particular need or requirement, the VDC approach is strategic. We always seek the best possible resolution or result.

We do so by using adaptive reasoning – understanding what makes sense and how to proceed while considering privacy issues, contractual aspects and business logic. We then make sure the solution or offering is realistic. So it can be acted on with the best potential for positive results.


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The Marketplace for Big Data

Looking to generate a new stream of revenue from your data assets or data exhaust? Seeking new solutions or offerings that can transform your marketing, sales or operation decisioning systems? Trying to fuel the latest analytics engines with intelligent data insights that really matter? , Welcome to the VDC – the Marketplace for Big Data. Let’s get started.

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