Whether a client is seeking support around the development and execution of a custom data sourcing plan or ideation and strategy development around monetizing their first party data assets, at VDC client engagements follow a proven process from the on boarding process, which signals the start of a relationship with VDC, through the establishment of a path towards unique data and new or incremental revenues.  Our existing network of contacts and referrals has offered VDC opportunity to deal with companies of all sizes from all types of industries.  The only constant has been the existence of underutilized data or information asset.

Regardless of the size of your organization, as a client of VDC you can expect that we will develop a plan that will be most effective in monetizing your data assets. In doing so, we will identify gaps that exist within your information systems that might be transformed with new and compelling data from our exclusive affiliations.

The Big Data ecosystem continues to expand – exponentially. New sources of data are being created and curated each and every day. Data sources that already exist are increasing in scope and in size based on the volume of data collected. The storage of information continues to become less expensive and more powerful as the analytics available to derive meaningful insights become more accessible and sophisticated. Navigating these waters and being aware of all the different intricacies is where VDC excels, recognizing the complexities of properly navigating an ecosystem that continues to expand exponentially with new data sources and new data uses daily.