Venture Development Center (VDC) is an advisory services firm focused in the areas of data monetization and creative data sourcing.  With over 120 unique data assets under contract, VDC assists its clients by defining, identifying, and implementing breakthrough uses of Big Data that drive solid revenue results and transform existing business practices. The VDC success story is based on the unique ability of the organization to continually identify new and powerful data assets from the Big Data ecosystem and then using this expanding base of information to develop applications, information use cases and sourcing strategies.  Companies considering data monetization or seeking support for the development of sound sourcing strategies can depend on VDC to assist in navigating the rapidly changing world of Big Data.

Advisory Services

  • Evaluation of information assets
  • Define valuable data attributes
  • Identify breakthrough innovation concepts
  • Evaluate innovations
  • Develop and/or refine implementation plans
  • Identify and secure first customers
  • Recruit staff as needed
  • Evaluate initial and ongoing deployment success

Investment Services

  •  Identify sources of funding
  •  Assist management in evaluating sources of funding
  •  Advise management regarding acquisition and divestiture plans

Since 1996, VDC has worked with hundreds of firms both within and outside the information services industry to identify, define and implement innovative breakthrough strategies and compelling monetization efforts.  During this time VDC has created many new product, distribution and market development ideas yielding exceptional returns for its clients.  Collaboration typically involves an in-depth information asset and needs analysis followed by strategy formulation, product ideation, unique data sourcing, marketplace distribution, early-stage investment support and business development.

With unique and compelling data coming from crowd sourcing, search, social media, transactional resources, web mining, The Big Data ecosystem is constantly expanding and VDC has positioned itself firmly within the center of that universe, providing transformative ideas that support data sources, channel partners, information service providers / data compilers and global brands.  

The VDC team is comprised of industry professionals that have extensive experience in the information industry and a rich network of senior level contacts.  Representative clients include, Aberdeen Group, Acxiom, American List Council (ALD), American Red Cross, AOL, Asurion, Avention, BuildFax, Cisco, Datamyx, IBM, Lexis Nexis, MeritDirect, Profound Networks, ShareThis, Stirista, Time, TransUnion, V12 Group and WhitePages.  In addition, VDC has relationships with many early-stage firms with unique technology and / or business advantage.

If your organization has unique information or significant data exhaust that you seek to monetize or if you are looking for unique data sources to fill known or unseen gaps in your data systems, connect with VDC.

“The rate of data collection is increasing exponentially and this offers tremendous opportunity to refine strategic and operational decision-making. As a result, the financial returns associated with the successful innovation of “Big Data” are greater today than ever before. The key to success is to understand what we call, the “Art of the Possible”- which is the ability to envision innovations, knowing where to find the necessary ingredients, and then developing a proven capability to deliver the solution.”

– Dr. Charles Stryker