Does Your Business Capture Digital Data?

VDC can assist your organization in understanding and navigating the complex market for "Big Data" and help you create new monetization events.

235TB of data—more data than is contained in the entire Library of Congress

According to McKinsey, that's the average amount of data stored by companies in 15 out of 17 sectors in the U.S. economy. At VDC, we are at the forefront of deciphering the value of those data assets and developing methodologies to bring them to the market.

The norms around business and consumer data have changed forever.

To understand how to get the most out of Big Data, call us.


Advisory Services

VDC has worked with over one hundred firms to identify, define, and implement innovative breakthrough uses of data.

What We Do

VDC has created many new product, distribution, and market development ideas yielding exceptional returns for both users and owners of data.

Current Engagements

VDC is an advisory services firm with deep experience and contacts in the information services industry.

Client Testimonials

Experienced and objective input often yields previously untested ideas, typically involving new product introductions. Our clients stay with us because we provide results they love over and over. Their feedback is one of our largest strengths. See what they have to say.

The VDC Team

VDC is comprised of many professionals who are all experts in their own fields. We think it is important that anyone we do business with knows who we are and what we stand for. Visit our “Company” page to learn more about the people that make up Venture Development Center.

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Our goal is to help your data mean more than it does already. Knowledge is everything and when you can understand who your clients are and what they want you have an advantage over your competition as well as the unique ability to provide your target demographic with a better product. We can help you figure it out.

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